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Kayaking in Antarctica with  

Atlas Ocean Voyage Expeditions

Wine Tasting on Oceania

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Cruise the Danube with Avalon River Cruise

Fine Dining on AmaWaterways River Cruise

Private Driver with CIE Tours

Are you planning on taking any big trips in the next year? If yes, I invite you to get a complimentary Build Travel Memories Session with me to see if we’re a good fit to work together! 

Let's match you with what best fits your needs: 

·  destination you are looking to explore: Antarctica, Europe, Caribbean 

·  experiences you crave: cultural, relaxing, adventure 

·  travel style you prefer:  premium, luxury, niche 

·  type of travel you want:  small group guided tour company so you can experience trips around the world that best fit your needs, traveling the world’s most famous historic rivers, or intimate, yacht-style cruise through Antarctica or the Mediterranean

When you want to check off a travel destination from your bucket list, I handle all the details to make your trip of a lifetime truly your own

*I contribute $10.00 per booking to Meals on Wheels, an organization that focuses on a social cause. 

720-756-5585 MTN Time

I'm committed to providing you with exceptional service, from the first idea to the final farewell.

 What I can do for you: 

*Specialize in escorted tours, luxury river cruises, and ocean tours so you have expert advice. 

*Not a one-size-fits-all all-planning service. I do as little or as much as you would like. If you want your only job to be to get to the airport on time, I take care of all the specifics. Or, with your knowledge of the destination, you can be as involved in the details and planning process as you want to be. 

*Access to travel agent-only sites. Travel agents have access to the same discounts and I can quickly compare prices from multiple suppliers to find the best fit for you. 

My direct line is 1-720-756-5585. If at any time you would like to speak to one or more past customers, let me know, and I will put you in touch with them. My mission is to make lasting memories for every one of my clients. Contact me today! 

Pro  Travel Tips:

*Before you leave home, open up Google Maps on your phone and download offline maps for your destination. That way, you’ll have easy and internet-free access to maps, and you’ll be able to find your way around far more easily.

*If you don't have each other's cell phone numbers memorized, write them down and keep them with you for travel.

*Purchase Travel Insurance! Allianz is the number 1 Insurance brand.  One former client had to cancel because her husband suffered a heart attack and the doctor recommended not traveling for 6 months and she received her money back. Another lost his passport in a different country and used the Insurance Concierge's phone number to receive advice from the closest police station and consulate. A third had her camera stolen on the plane ride and received a reimbursement within the week. Without insurance, your vacation can be ruined and a great deal of money lost. 

For peace of mind, receive a quote and purchase travel insurance here: Insurance Quote

Even if you have booked your vacation, or you are traveling within 72 hours, you can book insurance. List the birthdates of all travelers living in the same state to see a policy quote. 

Please note, that existing conditions are not covered if booking is more than 14 days from the initial deposit. 

Services, Planning and Support Fees and 

Loyalty Program 

To help clients choose among my various services of matching guests to the right itinerary and ship while creating impeccably planned, perfectly executed cruise experiences and guided land tours for my clients, I have created a two-tiered system to allow you to select which level of my dedicated assistance you want for each trip.

Option 1: There is NO Service Fee for a SIMPLE cruise/vacation package that you know the date and ship, etc. 


This DIY sign-up program includes up to 45 minutes of consultation during the life of the booking and ONE FREE air quote from the cruise line: Additional air quotes will require a $75 per cabin fee / payable before additional quotes can be made.


NOTE: While the DIY program is FREE, there are some services below that will require a fee should a guest find themselves needing to cancel or swap a cruise.

Option 2: Trip Design: This is for those who want assistance planning a more involved complete package and guests who want more detailed suggestions about what to do during their vacation. It allows me to invest the time needed to research and handpick the best accommodations, activities, and experiences that align with your preferences.  I co-design my itineraries with in-country specialists. Clients have full access to ask questions and follow up through to their departure (within reason) and receive extra services and planning calls leading up to their trip. My trip design fee is $150 per couple, $250 for up to 5 people, and for 6 and over $50 per person. For each new trip planned, (provided that all party members will be together for the entirety of the trip), I will offer you the best possible experience by investing my time, knowledge, and resources into creating a flawless itinerary for you.  The trip design fee includes one itinerary with three edits, one destination, and one date range. If you change to another country or month of travel, then there will be added fees. By charging a trip design fee, I ensure that you receive the highest level of service and access to our expertise. 

How to Get Started:

 Here are the 3 steps to our success: 

What does the traveler receive?  

1. A professional quote with highly rated destinations either myself, clients, or colleagues have personally visited. These destinations are booked through my highly-rated suppliers or directly through their travel agent portals.

2. A complimentary consultation in the beginning and a "Ready to Go" call before you leave for your trip.

3. Time is money. I am your direct contact should you have any questions, or issues, or want to make any changes. You don’t have to call a call center, where you will most likely experience long hold times and never get the same person twice. Most of my clients are professionals and parents who don't have the time or energy to plan. 

4. I don’t work for the supplier. I own my own small business & take pride in my business. This means I’m working hard for your vacation, to earn your trust & repeat future business. I also have direct contact with all of my suppliers for any out-of-normal issues. 

5. Stress-free. Don't know where to start or not sure where the best location for your needs is?  I can help you with that! 

6. What could I be missing for my vacation that I am not thinking about or don't know about? I send payment reminder emails, and informative emails, including third-party excursion options, etc. I can make special requests directly with the supplier on your behalf, whether it be special dietary requests or special occasions, and provide steps to prepare/pack for your destination.

7. I am available at all times during travel if you have any problems or emergencies.  Before travel, I aim to answer your questions within one business day.  

Service Fees

Rebooking Fee $ 50 per cabin

Once we have completed the final itinerary and a reservation has been made, any changes to a specific reservation will result in a $50 Rebooking Fee. This must be paid before the cruise swap or guided travel swap process can begin. This administration fee is in addition to any fees charged by the company with whom the booking was made. This fee covers the time needed to process, re-book, and re-register the guest with all of the relevant vendors affected by a swap.

Expedite Fee: $100 

If a proposal is requested for travel that is planned to occur in less than 60 days from the date of the initial request, an expedited fee is charged. This is necessary because plans in the timeframe must be moved ahead of other plans. 

Flights Only: $150 per person Clients book their flights on their own. As an added extra, I will book local or international flights for a fee of $150 per ticket.

I aim to get you booked and dreaming of your vacation within 2 weeks. If a month has gone by with no booking made, I will archive the quote as the prices and availability will likely have changed and the quote will need to be rebuilt with an additional fee. Fees are non-transferable.

Loyalty Program

All Trips Traveled has always valued returning guests and I appreciate your loyalty over the years.

After your first booking receive an extra  

$25 reward for your next booking

$35 reward after your 2nd booking, a $ 45 reward after your 3rd booking, and a $ 55 reward after your 4th booking

*Rewards are usually in the form of onboard credits and can be built into the group discount. This is per booking not per person.

Referral Program:

 I provide $25 to any client who has traveled with me and refers a friend who books with me along with $25 for the friend. 

I contribute $10.00 per booking to Meals on Wheels, an organization that delivers meals to individuals at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their meals.  


Our Viking cruise to Bordeaux during the harvest was flawless thanks to you! We are also looking forward to our back-to-back Scenic Cruises to the Douro River in Portugal and then jumping on another ship to the South of France.

 You found us fantastic deals, including BOGOs and lots of extra perks, and arranged all of our flights. Now you are helping us with a Celebrity cruise for 6 to Alaska this summer. You booked everything and sent us timely reminders to book shore excursions, dinners, and shows. Travel has never been easier! ~ Lisa

You did an awesome job for our cruise, even calling to make sure all paperwork was done correctly. You found us a flight back home when all was canceled . Super job!  ~ Marcia

" Travel agent Jennifer was great" ~ JoAnn

Worked with is on finding the best option and approved special requests A 10 ~ Krupa

Friendly. Great service.  ~ Brent

Jennifer our planner was very helpful and easy to work with. ~ Guadalupe